Grant M. Berry, Ph.D. Linguist. Scholar. Stress baker.



Note: Github hosts alternate versions of my CV and my resume




  • Applied Scientist @ (Amazon) Prime Video
  • Technical Program Manager (Data Quality) @ Amazon Alexa
  • Language Engineer (Household Organization) @ Amazon Alexa


Degrees Earned

  • Ph.D. in Spanish & Language Science (Dual Title) @ Penn State U
  • M.A. in Spanish @ Penn State U
  • B.S. in Mathematics @ Truman State U
  • B.A. in Spanish @ Truman State U

Other Training/Experiences

  • Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (Argentina)
  • Visiting Scholar @ Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (Netherlands)
  • Visiting Scholar @ U of Pennsylvania
  • Visiting Scholar @ Radboud U (Netherlands)
  • Amazon Machine Learning University
  • Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute Fellowship (U Chicago)


Program/Product Management

  • KPI Creation & Monitoring
  • Concise Technical Writing
  • Agile Methodology and Scrum
  • Roadmapping/Scoping effort
  • Prepared over 25 undergraduates for professional success, including Fulbright Fellowships, competitive internships, and top PhD programs

Technical Expertise

  • Data visualization: Create intuitive, informative, and visually appealing representations of complex data
  • Acoustic Analysis: Advanced knowledge of acoustic corrlates of speech and variation in English and Spanish
  • Data wrangling & manipulation: tidyverse, pandas
  • Statistics: Advanced knowledge of Bayesian and frequentist statistical methods (regression, gams, pca, time series analysis, survival analysis)
  • AI/ML: Model fine-tuning, prompt generation, optimization, fairness
  • NLU/NLP: Developed and deployed deterministic and probablistic artifacts at scale
  • Localization: Detailed understanding of language variation and change in English and Spanish


Human Languages

  • Native fluency in American English; Near-native fluency in Spanish
  • General knowledge of Italian, Portuguese, Modern Standard Arabic, Dutch, and Classical Latin

Programming Languages

  • Python (3.x): sk-learn, huggingface, langchain, pandas, pytorch, librosa, mne, jupyter, seaborn, nltk, beautifulsoup
  • R: tidyverse, ggplot2, rstanarm, lme4, mgcv
  • SQL: Intermediate
  • BASH/Z-shell: Intermediate (very comfortable with CLIs)

Knowledge Dissemination

Media Outreach


  • Fairness in Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to Spanish Translation (machine and human)
  • Bilingualism
  • Linguistics as a Cognitive Science
  • Phonetics
  • Sociolinguistic Variation in US Spanish